Systemic Therapy

We look at the interactions with those around you, learn about the system you are currently in and what is it about this that is currently feeling challenging.

Psychodynamic Therapy

We will learn how your current feelings and behaviour are shaped by past experiences, particularly from childhood and look at unconscious thoughts and feelings. 

Attachment Theory

We understand how and why you function the way you do in relationships by thinking about your early childhood relationships. You can learn more about your own attachment style and how you can change this if you desire.

Working with a Sexual Focus

Sex is a big part of a relationship and our communication can affect our intimacy. Let’s understand the role play sex plays for you, is this working? How would you like it to change?

Pregnancy Crisis

A pregnancy crisis is when falling pregnant feels like a crisis. It can be tough because there are some difficult decisions that need to be made. Let’s look through this together and help you understand your options.

Pregnancy Loss

Any type of pregnancy loss can affect your and your relationships in different ways. Having some space to talk without judgement can help you work through this.

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