How much does counselling cost?

The cost is £60 per zoom or telephone session, and the cost of in person sessions is £70. You will be sent an invoice each week which is payable 48 hours before your appointment via balance transfer.

How can counselling help me?

Counselling gives you the opportunity to discuss complex and emotional issues in a safe and
secure environment free from judgment. Counselling can help you, or you and your partner to take
time out and view things from a fresh perspective, it can also allow you the opportunity to discuss
difficult issues with the help of someone neutral to guide you and a chance for you to listen to
yourselves and each other.

What is the importance of being a registered member of the BACP?

The BACP (British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) is the main governing body
that fully qualified counsellors are able to join. Being a registered member of the BACP shows
that you have reached a certain standard of training and you as a practitioner are working under
the BACP’s ethical standards and guidelines.

How many counselling sessions do I have to attend?

Every client is different and how many sessions you have depends on your needs.

Will you ring my partner and tell them to come?

I can’t tell your partner to come to therapy it has to be their decision. But we can explore how you
can talk to them about therapy and sometimes the changes you make in yourself through having
through having therapy also affect your partner.

I’m single can I still have relationship therapy?

Yes, there is a lot you can explore in relationship therapy, maybe you want to change the way you
behave in relationships, explore a traumatic break up or understand why you fall into some
patterns of behaviour.

We are getting divorced can we still have relationship therapy?

Yes, it can help bring your relationship to a conclusion, bring some understanding and help
process any emotions you are struggling with.

Doesn’t it mean that I’m failing if I go to relationship therapy?

No, not at all! It means you are willing to work on things, you are willing to put in the effort to deal
with issues and you are committing to bring around the changes you want and need to happen for
yourself and your relationship.

Cancellations & Refunds

You must cancel an appointment 48 hours before the start time of your session to be applicable for a refund. To cancel your appointment please email info@reviverelationships.org.uk. If this is not received 48 hours before the start time of your session a refund will not be applied. All refunds will be applied back to your payment method and will appear in your account within 5 working days depending on your banks processing times. Please check with your bank for more information on this. 

Change of Appointments

Any change of appointment made 48 hours before the start time of your appointment will be changed free of charge. Any change of appointment made not within 48 hours of the start time of your appointment will be changed but a new session charge will be required and no refund will be applicable for the original session. Please email info@reviverelationships.org.uk to request changing your appointment time.

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